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Hybrid nonfiction chapbook; includes essays on epilepsy, poetics, sexual assault, and William Wordsworth. Available for purchase on the Tammy website.

Profiled at Tarpaulin Sky.
Profiled at Heavy Feather Review.
Reviewed at Rob Mclennan’s blog.

“Marty Cain can write a damn sentence. I mean: he can write one hell of a sentence. And you can enter that underworld. And I hope you do. Another way of saying: he can cast a field in which illegibility and truth conjunct, and in so doing, broadcast the multiply-rooted blooming wound of being a body. These essays are dazzling and acute. Did you know a body can hold a sigh for decades before releasing it? This collection knows. This collection teaches.”
– Selah Saterstrom, author of Slab and Ideal Suggestions

Marty Cain

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